Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! (April 2012)

In most Slavic countries, Easter is a very big event (and very controversial—we have two Easters, Orthodox and Catholic).  One thing that Christians have done here since Christianity first came to Kiev in the 8th Century was greet each other on Easter morning… We you meet someone, you shout: “Christ is Risen!” The other person responds, “He is risen indeed!”


But even though nearly everyone will celebrate Easter here, very few understand its significance.  Most do not understand that Jesus died on the cross to pay for sins.  Most don’t understand that the resurrection was God’s proof that the sinless sacrifice of Jesus for our sins was accepted by God!  Thus, the grave and death could not hold him!  Very few understand the need to put their faith in the resurrected Christ for salvation.  Please pray for Ukraine as the country prepares to celebrate two Easters this year—April 8th and April 15th.


Class Preparations

I’m still scrambling to finish the PowerPoints and lecture notes for my class.  But I’m getting close.  Be praying that I can finish these in time for the translator to get them complete too.  And be praying for me.  This is the first time I have taught these sections: Pneumatology (The Holy Spirit) and Eschatology (The End Times or Last Things).  It has been a joy to remember all the promises of Eschatology and to see what the Holy Spirit does in our lives.  Pray for me as I teach these classes beginning April 23rd.



Our “English Coffee Club” (ESL) has been wonderful.  We have had more students than we planned for every meeting and the responses have been great.  We always leave them with something spiritual to think about including a Bible verse to translate and discuss.  There are many non-believers present.  Pray for the many seeds that are being sown!


A Time to Rest …

We are looking forward to heading to Yalta during Spring Break for a much needed rest.  I am really tired and I will be teaching all of May before we head back to the states in June.  We decided to go to Yalta because it is the off-season and everything is cheaper (Right now the temperatures are in the 30s and 40s F).  We will be taking a 15 hour train ride (one-way), followed by a 3 hour trolleybus ride from Simferopol to Yalta (the longest trolley in the world).  We will be staying at a Baptist Retreat run by the parents of one of our students at KTS.  I am looking forward to seeing many historical sites from WWII and also from the Crimean War (1853).  I planned to work some while there but, my wife said that I cannot take any books (except for relaxed reading)!  She really wants me to rest!  Okay—I know I need it.  We’ll let you know how the trip turns out.


Prayer Needs

Be praying for our “Key to the Heart” seminar/retreat (about men/women relationships).  It takes place April 20-22.  We are organizing topics and speakers this week.  Be praying for the speakers, the seminar and for the young people who will be attending.  This is always a very important retreat because we minister to so many college-age students and they need to know how to have biblical relationships.


Also, keep praying for me and my Russian studies.  Lately I’ve been so involved in ESL lessons and lectures for classes that I have not put much time into Russian.  Fortunately, I get to hear it (and Ukrainian) every day.


Thank you for being our support team members!  We are so blessed that the few who do support us are so generous and so faithfulMay the Lord bless you for your partnership with us in this ministry! 


PS.  For some student prayer needs, go to the link on our website and learn what our students are doing!

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